Welcome to Bear Paw Yoga

a clear space to support our community on the journey to alignment



A shared vision

3 strangers, one vision

The vision was to create and offer a clear space to support our community on the journey to alignment. Edward Dangerfield, Rainbow Medicine Woman and Julie-Anne Roy met on a very special day, to realize they had a shared vision for a place where the community would feel supported towards health and wellness. They joined forces to open a Wellness Centre and a Yoga Studio. Bear Paw Yoga opened its doors on July 3rd 2017, with about 25 yoga classes a week, including many different styles. On the schedule, find a practice that suits your needs between Vinyasa Flow, Power, Yin, Restorative, Gentle, Stretch, Yoga for Men and more. We have Yoga for all level of fitness and stiffness! Bear Paw Yoga studio is the only studio located northbound of Whistler Village. The studio is located in Rainbow neighborhood, a place where locals enjoy spending quality time. It is surrounded by rich BC forest and offers an inspiring view of the mountains. Here we have close access to a lake, parks, trails, a wellness center, a local coffee shop and more. The location also makes it perfect for people driving to and from Pemberton to stop by and practice yoga with us. Our studio is 750 sq. ft. and welcomes up to 30 yogis. We have a beautiful hardwood floor to practice on. Our space is neutral, fresh, clear and everyone feels invited, just like in the forest, where we find peace and freedom. Our reception area includes a water and tea table and a retail section where yogis can find a variety of interesting eco-friendly yoga clothes, good quality yoga mats, props, and more..

Edward Dangerfield

Healer, Yogi, Skier, Surfer and Poet
Edward is passionate about neuroscience. He practices Nervous System Therapy and Intuitive Trauma Release using a mixture of practices he has been studying over the last few years.

Rainbow Medicine Woman

6th Generation Shaman with Celtic & Native ancestors
Debra Lee Hillary holds workshops, ceremonies and retreats to facilitate transformation through the Wisdom Teachings.

Julie-Anne Roy

Yogi on a journey, Yoga teacher, Studio director
Julie-Anne loves practicing and sharing yoga. She also loves the outdoors and is passionate about health and nutrition.

In partner with Triangle Health & Wellness

Rainbow, Whistler.