Welcome to Bear Paw Yoga

closing permanently July 28th

End of a Chapter

Closing July 28th
It is with regret that we announce you that Bear Paw Yoga and Triangle Health & Wellness will be closing on Saturday July 28th.

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for sharing this journey with us.

Over the past year we have created a space with the highest of intentions to serve our Whistler community. After reviewing our first year in business it is evident that the rent cost is too high in proprotion to our sales.

We have been in negotiations with our landlord, and are unable to reach an agreement on a rent adjustment that our business can sustain.

This closure represents a large financial loss for us personally.
We are so grateful for your support, and hope you will continue to support us over the next month.
Please come to class, bring your friends, buy some clothing or a mat and keep smiling!

We are so grateful to have built a community, and we hope to continue to share the higher vibration that is created when we join together.

Community Celebration Party
Saturday July 28th, 6pm
Please join us to celebrate the community of like-minded people that has been brought together through this beautiful project that, sadly, has to end earlier than expected.

Let’s celebrate for what has been done, let’s celebrate for what is to come, and let’s celebrate the moments in between. This is only the end of a chapter, the rest of the story continues! Let’s come together and rise vibrations once more.

Every single one of you mean so much to us. Come, bring your friends and your smiles!

We will miss you all.

Julie-Anne, Rainbow and Edward

Edward Dangerfield

Healer, Yogi, Skier, Surfer and Poet
Edward is passionate about neuroscience. He practices Nervous System Therapy and Intuitive Trauma Release using a mixture of practices he has been studying over the last few years.

Rainbow Medicine Woman

6th Generation Shaman with Celtic & Native ancestors
Debra Lee Hillary holds workshops, ceremonies and retreats to facilitate transformation through the Wisdom Teachings.

Julie-Anne Roy

Yogi on a journey, Yoga teacher, Studio director
Julie-Anne loves practicing and sharing yoga. She also loves the outdoors and is passionate about health and nutrition.