Workshops & Special Events

Inner Dance, an intuitive meditation

with Bianca Kempe and Jose Reynoso

March 17th, 7-9pm

Inner Dance is an ancient healing modality, a movement medicine which comes from a zero point perspective. Depending on participant’s will to let go, they enter a deep meditative trance that enables a profound sense of expended awareness. There is no brain-led function, it is heart centred, leading the body to move as it follows its natural impulses to releases blockages and return to alignement.

Price: $30

Spring equinox cleanse

with Gabrielle Ouellet and Rainbow Medicine Woman

March 18th, 9:30-11am

“I believe in process, in cycles and so the process of 4 seasons. Tuesday March 20th marks Spring equinox. I want to invite you to cleanse with me. Free your physical body, energetic body and spirit from heavy and stagnant energy accumulated over winter through this powerfully cleansing practice. We will use highly detoxifying asanas and powerful breath work as well as guidance from Rainbow Medicine Woman to clear out what no longer serves us. Spring is a growing season and as you realize that life becomes a little easier. Nature will begin to show signs of activity after Winter sleeps. It is the perfect timing to plant seeds (intentions, projections, realisations), to witness the never ending cycle of growth and transformation. This is a time for renewal and rebirth. ” – Gabrielle

regular drop in price – $19,
$5 minimum donation for pass holders

Breath Work Circles

with Edward Dangerfield

March 20th, 8:30 - 9:30pm & March 31st, 7-8:30pm

Experience the power of your breath.
This session teaches you how to use the Conscious Connected Breathing technique to unravel the deepest layers of your being and free yourself from stagnant energy.

– What is it?
– Why doing it, and the benefits of this practice
– How it works and the mechanics of circular breathing

The session includes tuning in, intention setting, movements, activation of the heart and lungs, 1 hour long powerful breathing session, stretch/self-massage, suggestions for home practice and self-care and sharing and/or journaling about the experience.

Tea time at the end of the session to transition back to the rest of evening, safely and peacefully.

March 20th: Men’s Breath Circle
March 31st: Open Breath Circle

Cost: $30 pre-registration, $40 at the door

Limited Space, Register now!

Intro to Ashtanga 4 Part Series

with Gillian Tate

March 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, 4-5pm

Are you interested in developing a personal yoga practice?
Or maybe you’re newer to yoga and want to learn some of the key fundamentals?
Join Gillian in March at Bear Paw Yoga for an Ashtanga Fundamental Workshop Series. We will learn about the history/philosophy of the practice, breathing techniques, the sun salutations and some of the key standing postures.
You will leave with some excellent tools to help you deepen your yoga practice!

Price: $99 – full series

Arm Balance and Inversions Workshops

with Connor Eccles

April 14th & 21st, 6-8:30pm

Saturday April 14th – Arm Balances
Saturday April 21st – Inversions

Connor will begin each session with technical information & benefits. He will then guide you through a practice to get moving & explains active integration as you flow. He then moves into partner work & breaks off into individual work. Connor finishes each session with another yoga practice that allows you to apply your new skills.
Come fly with us!

pre-registration – $39.99 per session, $74.99 for both
at the door – $49.99 per session

Acro Yoga Date Night

with Katie Thacker and Brandon Sherbrook

May 4th, 7-9pm

Join certified Acro Yoga Teachers, Katie Thacker and Brandon Sherbrook, for an evening of partner stretching, playful acro yoga, and thai massage. This practice offers you a chance to connect with your partner, develop communication skills, challenge your body, and play like a kid. Expect to laugh a lot! We know that you will leave feeling more connected to your partner and with a smile for the rest of your weekend. No experience is necessary. Partner and pre-registration required. Your partner could be a lover, friend, or anyone you feel comfortable massaging.

Katie Thacker & Brandon Sherbrook are partners in life and in acro. Acro yoga has impacted their relationship in many positive ways including developing clear communication, building trust, learning the best ways to support one another, and creating a deep sense of play. As certified Acro Yoga Teachers, they are fiercely passionate about bringing this practice to others.

Price: $90 per couple ($45 per person)

Intro to Acro Yoga

with Katie Thacker and Brandon Sherbrook

May 5th, 11:30am - 1:30pm

Acro yoga is playful practice that combines yoga and partner acrobatics. It is a practice that helps to build, not only, physical strength, but also trust, communication, and community. Please join Katie Thacker and Brandon Sherbrook to learn the basics of acro yoga. Together we will move through the principles of bone stacking, weight transfer, building trust and supporting one another. No partner is required for this workshop and no experience is needed. Come with an openness to play and surprise yourself with what you are truly capable of.

$30 for Intro to Acro Yoga
0r $50 for Intro to Acro Yoga + High Flyers

High Flyers

with Katie Thacker and Brandon Sherbrook

May 6th, 11:30am - 1:30p

Prerequisites: Completion of Intro to Acro or proficiency with the poses bird, throne, and folded leaf
Take your acro yoga practice to the next level. In this workshop we will start to link postures, add some fluidity, and take it upside down. We will have plenty of options to make it more challenging for those of you who are experienced acro yogis. No partner required.

$30 for High Flyers
Or $50 for Intro to Acro Yoga + High Flyers

Healing your immune system, book launch and health information evening

with Lynda Dyer

May 5th, 7pm

They told her she had Lupus. They said she was dying. With their apologies, the miracles of modern medicine had nothing more to offer her.
That’s when Lynda Dyer made a decision that literally turned her life around. She chose to live. She chose to take control of her life and learn how to heal herself. It took time. It took determination – and it took grit. But she has never been one to shy away from adversity … and this was a life or death fight that she was determined to win.
This book tells her story – the raw, true story of how one woman found wellness despite being told she never would. On these pages, she shares with you the exact steps she took to restore her health, and reveals the many hurdles she had to pass in the process.
Why did she get so sick? What is an Immune System? How did she get better? What supplements did she take? What about the change in her mindset? Are just some of the questions answered.
This is Lynda’s seventh book. Her words inspire people to take control of their own lives and thrive in the sharing of their gifts with the world. In hearing her journey, you might recognize some similarities to challenges you’re currently facing. Let her teachings show you how you can move forward. You do not want to miss this information.

Price: $10