Yoga Teachers

Jessica Kamell

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer
Jess has a been dedicated to curiously exploring and digesting yoga for the past 11 years. Her passion for yoga sprung instantly. She fell deeply in love with the authentic connection and belonging her practice revealed. Teaching was a natural and potent progression, a way to share and continue this conversation with others. She has continually deepened her knowledge and understanding in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Anusara and most recently holds her certification in Embodied Flow™.
Her willingness for self discovery is fuelled by a realization: that the more we look inwards and know our bodies, the more available we are to meet life with presence – rather than with a conditioned mind. This offers us the key to live an authentic liberated life and cultivate heartfelt connections. Jess’ intention for teaching yoga is to provide a space in which students awaken the essential Self and experience themselves in wholeness.
There is a poetic nature to her teachings as she combines her knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics with philosophy and imagery – a recipe that guides students deep within the layers of their bodies and awakens the wealth of love within their hearts.

Connor Eccles

Yoga Teacher, Founder of Lost Boys Retreats
Raised in Ontario playing a multitude of sports, Connor has a direct understanding of the importance of yoga for sport injury prevention, recovery and living an active lifestyle. Connor completed a Vinyasa 200h YTT followed by an Advanced Vinyasa 100h YTT and a 50h Advanced Voice Sequencing module from Blissology, Bali.
Trained in Vinyasa, with a major emphasize on safe alignment, Connor focusses his classes on connecting breath with mindful postures and fluid movements.
His passion for nature and being outdoors pulled him to Whistler, where he broadened his yoga knowledge through a 50h mentorship program with Crystal Rainbow Borrelli and expanded his circle of influential teachers.
Since living in Whistler, Connor has been working with many Olympic and professional mountain athletes such as the Canadian alpine ski team and can also be found teaching community classes for male mountain athletes at Forlise Whistler.

Andrea Nacey

Yoga Teacher, Founder of YINsential
Andrea is an experienced yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer. Andrea’s first 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2008 led her to train and specialize in a number of yoga styles including yin, hot, prenatal, pilates, and yoga for kids. Andrea’s home base is in Whistler, British Columbia where she is raising her family, teaching yoga, writing, and creating business. Andrea is also an international yoga teacher trainer with Yogacara Global, traveling the world and teaching what she loves. Andrea is the founder of YINsentials, where she educates people how to live a beautiful life through yoga, high grade dōTERRA essential oils, and self development. Andrea is Whistler’s Lululemon yin yoga ambassador, and what drives her in life is community and connection. Holding space for people to live a beautiful life is what motivates her in everything that she does.

Julie-Anne Roy

Yoga Teacher, Founder of Bear Paw Yoga
Julie-Anne loves exploring the outdoors and travelling around the world. She is also passionate about health and nutrition. She has been practicing yoga for a long time and became a yoga instructor when time came for her to share her journey. She graduated from a functional anatomy based yoga 200hr teacher training at Shanti Yoga studio in Nelson, Bc, and deepened her studies through a 50hr module on sequencing, followed by another 50hrs module on Vinyasa level 2. Julie-Anne likes a strong and vigorous practice, but also fun and creative. She shares what is true to her and inspires people to seek for what is true to them.

Edward Dangerfield

Movement and Nervous System Therapist, Founder of Orbit Healing, Triangle Health & Wellness and Bear Paw Yoga
Edward Dagerfield is trained in Conscious Connected Breathwork, Nervous System Therapy, Chinese Massage and Manipulation, Tui Na and Qi Gong. He works as a Nervous System Specialist and facilitates workshops to educate people about nervous system health, trauma release, concusion recovery and more, through a mixture of all the knowledge and techniques he has been studying and practicing over the last few years. Edward truly believes in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wishes to help people achieve freedom of the body, mind and heart so they can live fully and easily.

Janet Corvino

Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Founder of Soulcity Yoga Retreats
Janet offers a sweaty, deep practice with efficient action and soul-searching teachings. Janet is a yoga instructor, teacher trainer and an innovator of hosting yoga retreats worldwide. Janet loves to have her students play on the mat, explore and create deep openings in body and spirit. Her classes are a mix of alignment cues and wisdom based themes. Janet teaches “real life yoga for everyday living”. Janet was part of the YYoga Teacher training faculty in Vancouver, BC. from 2013-2017. She instructs trainees in a 200hr, 300hr certification programs and 20hrs Yoga Immersions. Janet has her 500ERYT Yoga Alliance certificate as well as Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Practitioner Certificate. She has a graduate degree in interdisciplinary Education and loves teaching teachers how to teach. She has worked as a learning specialist for 20 years, and mentored Columbia University Graduate Education students while living in NYC before becoming a devoted yogi and yoga instructor. Janet is creator, owner, and instructor for Soul City Yoga Retreats. She is generous with her support and deeply devoted to her students. She is deeply committed to sharing yoga with her community.

Maeve Jones

Yoga Teacher
Maeve is a human and life enthusiast whose goal is to live aligned with presence, peace, and deep trust. She aims to connect with here and now and experience the richness of the truth. Students say that she comes across as bright, warm, and clear. Maeve’s core values are clarity, presence and truth.
In her yoga classes, Maeve offers movement and play to help you ease tension, move energy, and feel connected to your soul. Her work is to help you reduce the struggles of being human and relax into life so that you may experience yourself fully. Maeve holds a space for you to be present; to be together with yourself. She invites you to hear your body’s deepest wisdom.

Maeve’s style of instruction is strong, stimulating, and filled with love. Expect to be deeply moved. Because Maeve believes that you are bigger than your mind, breathing plays a big role in her un-sticking practice. You might very well sweat in Maeve’s class. 🙂

P.S. Ask Maeve about her prancing practice..!

Hailey Smith

Yoga teacher
Growing up on a small Island called Hornby, Hailey has always had a strong love and passion for community connection. She wants to create a space for her students to explore self love and expression in an environment that they feel at home in. Growing up as a dancer, Hailey loves to share the gift of movement, where her students can move freely with the rhythm of their own breath. You can expect strong alignment focus, to be challenged, feel inspired, but most importantly to laugh and let go. Offering modifications and variations throughout all her classes gives her students the tools to cater their practice to their own desires and needs. The journey of Yoga is though self-exploration and practice where Hailey wants her students to be able to find their inner strength in the physical body as well as emotional and mental mind state.

Rainbow Medicine Woman

6th generation Shaman, Founder of Rainbow Medicine Retreats, Triangle Health & Wellness and Bear Paw Yoga
Rainbow is a 6th Generation Shaman with Native and Celtic heritage which enables her to connect with many people, she is a bridge builder of this world and the spirit world. Facilitating for animal and spirit guides trying to communicate with us.
She has been helping people find significant parts of themselves that have been lost due to trauma for more that 20 years, through many different healing modalities, such as Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Stone Medicine, Theta Healing, Somatic Experiencing(Trauma Release) Sound Bath Therapy and holding Sacred Ceremony for all to honour “All That Is”. Connecting people to their healing journeys so they can let go of the things that no longer serve them and attract the positive aspects that will shoe them that they can thrive.
Rainbow is a storyteller, author, artist, and lover of nature that she is so deeply connected too.

Colleen Felgate

Yoga teacher, Yoga teacher trainner
Colleen Felgate has over 3000 hours of teacher training in Ashtanga, Inyengar, Yin, Anusara and Yoga for Trauma and has been teaching for over 14 years. Colleens style is more anatomy based. She likes using detailed and precise cues while also creating a safe, fun and entertaining environment. She has also trained in Yoga Therapy, Thai Massage and Pilates and incorporates many of these techniques within each yoga class she teaches to help those students with various injuries and ailments. She is best known for her Yoga Pilates Flow; a style she created which focuses on alignment, the breath and engaging the deeper core muscles. She continues to be an avid student of anatomy, which she uses to help students get the most from their practice and yet she also takes her students on a journey; one in which they connect with balance & breath, strength & flexibility, stillness & laughter, silence and song. Ultimately creating mindfulness and awareness is her goal.

Richard Sievewright

Yoga teacher, Personal Trainer, Founder of RichLife Bootcamps
Rich is well known for his high intensity fitness classes and Richlife Bootcamps. A Personal Trainer and Group Class Instructor with over 6 years of experience and a deep knowledge of physical movement. Whistler transformed Rich from an aesthetic obsessed gym rat and carnivore to a plant based mountain sport athlete, Ironman and YOGI. Rich’s ambassadorship with lululemon initiated his Yoga journey and opened his eyes to the benefits that yoga can have on the body and mind.

Gillian Tate

Yoga Teacher, Plant based nutrition coach
Since 2010, Gillian has studied and practiced Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Classical Hatha, Dharma, Yin & Restorative Yoga. These lineages continue to inspire her daily practice and her offerings. Gillian has taught at yoga studios in Toronto, Vancouver and Whistler. Her classes are creative, devotional and include gems of yoga philosophy. Her sequences help students to develop strength, flexibility, awareness and connection. She’s also had the opportunity to work extensively with athletes such as skiers, snowboarders, runners, cyclists, golfers and basketball players. Through consistent practice, she has helped many of her students recover from various injuries, as well as improve their overall athletic performance. Gillian’s goal is to offer a nurturing space for healing and growth. She truly believes that yoga can help anyone who wants to live a happier and more peaceful life.

Gabrielle Ouellet

Yoga teacher
September 2016 marks her first trip to India. Gabrielle has completed a 500hr Yoga Teacher Trainning in both Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa. She has been lucky enough to share this experience with amazing people and teachers in the spiritual birthplace of Yoga, Rishikesh. During her time in India, Gabrielle also qualified as a Reiki healer and Ayurvedic massage therapist. Upon returning to Canada, she continued to study yoga and completed special trainings and in prenatal and postnatal Yoga practices. Both physical and mental well being are extremely important to her.

Matt Walker

Acro Yoga Teacher
Matt Walker is a lover of all body movement modalities, and specializes in acro yoga as a basis to strive for our highest potential through movement. Acro yoga goes beyond balance, flexibility, trust, and communication – it can teach us much about ourselves and our journey as humans on planet Earth. Matt is passionate about sharing the joys and wisdom that acro has to offer with any and all who have the dream to fly.